Innovative membrane textile TRIVENT r

Superbreathable nanofibrous membrane

Smart balance between waterproofness, breathability, and windproofness is embodied in the product that combines maximum protection with unrivaled comfort

Breathability (g/m2/24h)
JIS L-1099 (B1)
> 30 000
Waterproof (mm)
ISO 811
> 10 000
Windproof (cfm)
< 1 cfm

Superbreathable membrane textile

A combination of high values of water resistance, breathability, and vapor permeability, which allows you to create comfortable conditions for a person in extreme climatic conditions.

Our suppliers provide us with innovational textiles which a sustainable approach and OEKO-TEX® and  bluesign® certification.
Nanofibrous superbreathable membrane
Seam Seal Tape specially designed for best waterproof performance


TRIVENT® PTFE membrane
eco friendly + -
breathability > 100000 g/m2/24h < 20000 g/m2/24h
lightweight + -

Our R&D specialists keep working on developing new sustainable solutions with outstanding performance characteristics to follow leading market trends every day.


Sustainability First

Innovation is the future.
We have to think of sustainability.
Now to make our future better.
free product
We operate with PTFE-free and FPU-free materials that do not cause serious damage to the environment. We work with environmentally friendly polymers, that have a shorter recycling period and cause less harm to the environment
No harmful waste from production
Near-Zero Pollution. Our production is equipped with modern pollution-reducing units which destroy air pollution close to zero levels.
We use recycled
polyester fabrics
We give a second life to waste. One meter of recycled polyester used in our production is obtained from 10 plastic recycled bottles.

Our membrane
is using for

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3 major industries: Medical, Textile, Filtration

8 patents in the sphere of nanofibers application

16 know-how technologies

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