Sustainability First

We produce an innovative product
in the sphere of high-performance membrane textiles.

The production of superbreathable membrane textiles is based on 2 main processes:

  1. The electrospinning production process of nanofibers
  2. Membrane lamination process to Textile materials via Hot-Melt technology


The innovative approach lies in the technology which manages nanofibers to the ultrathin membrane material

Hot-Melt lamination
The thermo-reactive process that sticks membrane to textiles is named Hot-Melt lamination. Glue is applied to materials with extra small dots by especially laser engraved cylinders. The technology allows us to apply as minimum as 9 grams per square meter of glue to materials. It also helps our membrane textile to remain light and superbreathable.

Performance tests
With our own in-house R&D Center and Quality control department, all our materials go through main equipment tests before we ship them to customers.
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Every step of our production is connected with a sustainable approach. PLAZKAT is special plasma-catalytic equipment that eliminates hazardous pollution and decreases air pollution from the production process up to zero points.
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Сertified suppliers

We are proud to make a sustainable decision in the sphere of choosing the right suppliers who are system partners of the world-famous bluesign® SYSTEM and who are OEKO-TEX certified.

Almost around
the world

Оur production is in

Russia, Taiwan, Europe and oth.

We supply to

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, Taiwan, China and oth.